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In our day and age, science and medicine are able to do what was considered impossible previously. Just fifteen years ago some countries have considered transsexuals mentally ill and were treating them, just like they treated lesbians and gays. Initially, a transsexual woman is born with male genitalia and no breasts. However, as they mature, they realize more and more that mentally they are women. they want to look, behave and be treated as women. Some of them excel in the way they look and can look better than the girls that were born with female genitalia. One thing is certain: on average, a shemale escort in Milan puts more effort into dolling herself up for a man and in pleasing him than the regular girls. Trannies make perfect escorts as they are attentive, flexible and love pleasing men. You might be surprised by how much they want to be the epitome of the ultimate Real Women.

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Do not be shy and tell your shemale escort in Milan all your innermost desires. She will understand. transsexual women are some of the least judgemental people on this planet, as almost each one of them has gone through hard times of being bullied for who she truly is. Please be kind and gentle with them. Respect is crucial in a successful experience. In return, you are assured to have a great experience. 

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